Question 1 What is BPA and why is it important that my coffee mug is BPA free?

"BPA exhibits hormone-like properties that raise concern about its suitability in consumer products and food containers. Since 2008, several governments have questioned its safety, which prompted some retailers to withdraw polycarbonate products. Therefore it is important to avoid risk and use BPA free products.

Question 2 How quick can you make our BPA free reusable coffee mugs?

Ecomugs.com.au have a number of flexible BPA free coffee mug production options to suit your needs. The first is straight stock and no decoration which is usually 2-3-days. Secondly we have the rush decoration and 7-days is the production time, however a rush service fee applies, please ask at the time. Thirdly we have standard 2-3-weeks for logo printed or decorated non custom orders. Finally we have our custom made options of custom rush, which is 2-3-weeks production and plus 4-6-days freight or the last and most economical option of the custom made of 2-3-weeks and 21-28-days freight, however keep in mind these last 2 options have minimum order quantities

Question 3 Can I have the cup and the silicon top-band in my corporate colours?

Yes you can. Currently the minimum order is 500 units to have the silicon lid and band in your corporate colours. The system will allow you to choose this option. In order to do the cup body itself in your corporate colour you will need a minimum of 2500 pieces.

Question 4 Can I emboss or deboss my brand or logo into the silicon.

Yes you can and the minimum is only 500 pieces. Please talk to us at order time.

Question 5 Can I print my logo onto the product?

Yes this is a standard and easy thing to do.

Question 6 I have a gradient or 4-colour process logo, can I print that?

Gradients colours are the same as 4-colour or Full colour process printing. Yes they can be printed but keep in mind this is very expensive at small quantities or below 500 units. Each colour has a brand set up charge and that is x 4 for this style. It really is most economical at 500 plus units using our factory direct option.

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